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03 November 2006 @ 01:04 pm
Can I tell you how much I freakin love myspace.
You can type in almost anyone from your pasts name and find out what they are up to now!!

So for whatever random reason I decided to look for my old boss from Target..
and he's on there.
And he's engaged to another old boss from Target....who was engaged to someone else when I left....

too bad I don't know anyone who works there still who might have a scoop.


Anyway. back to me.
Everything is underway to start the new job on Tuesday. Had my physical and drug test on Wednesday. Found out I have a systolic heart mumur. Nothing to be too concerned about.

Yesterday I did nothing. Was sitting around and I get a text message from who else but Kevin. Apparantly he's outta jail now. Haha.

Some girl that I know by association....and actually have hung out with will be on Oprah today. She killed her baby, left it in her closet and made her boyfriend dump it in a quarry. Must see TV.
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